H.R. 1, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Jason Lewis voted for HR1 and against our values. 

We oppose this irresponsible increase in the national debt. It will not lead to significant job creation or real economic growth.  It will benefit the wealthiest and increase corporate influence in our political system.   

There will be another vote on a final tax bill after a House-Senate “conference committee” aligns the House and Senate versions.

Regardless of the final details, we know enough to reject the core aspects of the plan.  We will update these points as more information becomes available on the final bill.

Contact Jason Lewis with any or all of these points:

Partisans favoring this bill will want to ignore “economics 101”  when they provide optimistic forecasts of economic growth, job creation and deficits.  They will ask you to ignore credible nonpartisan information.

Be skeptical of this law that benefits the wealthiest and asks us to gamble on failed “trickle-down economics”.

In addition, HR 1 can threaten our values via the hidden “details”.  For example, we are concerned about cuts to the EPA, the State Department, items that affect health care, or a repeal of the “Johnson Amendment” that preserves a healthy separation of church and state.     We will these highlight special focus issues where we can.

To stay in touch with this fast moving bill, we recommend these sources:

The Congressional Budget Office

The Tax Policy Center

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

The Center for American Progress

Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

The New York Times

The Washington Post

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