H. Res. 970, Insisting that the DOJ fully comply with Committee on Intelligence Requests.

The purpose of the bill is to insist that the “Department of Justice fully comply with the requests, including subpoenas, of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the subpoena issued by the Committee on the Judiciary relating to potential violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by personnel of the Department of Justice and related matters.”

Why This Bill Is Against Our Values:

“H.Res. 970 is being brought to the Floor in order to lay the groundwork to discredit and undermine Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and ultimately Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. President Trump and Republicans would love nothing more than to stop the lawful investigation being conducted by Mueller.  In order to protect our democracy, it is essential that this investigation continue without interference or obstruction by Republicans. This Resolution is an escalation of House Republicans’ conflict with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Robert Mueller probe, and repeatedly chastises the Justice Department (DOJ) for alleged “non-compliance” in demanding sensitive documents. It demands that DOJ turn over all requested documents, including documents pertaining to the highly classified FISA surveillance program and documents pertaining to the FBI’s use of confidential informants by July 6th. ” (Source: Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer)

“H. Res. 970 is wrong on the facts, wrong on the law, wrong on the rules, and a dangerous precedent to set for the House of Representatives. First, the resolution is riddled with inaccuracies. Taking this document at face value, you might think that the Department of Justice had not already sent us hundreds of thousands of documents—many of which, the sponsors of this resolution delight in leaking to the public. It also relies heavily on the March 22 subpoena issued by Chairman Goodlatte—a subpoena that was not issued in compliance with House Rules and, according to past House Counsels with whom we have consulted, likely cannot be enforced.” (Source: Ranking Member Nadler)

“The House will have an opportunity to exercise proper oversight of this matter, once the work of the Special Counsel is completed. For the House to intrude into the internal workings of a criminal investigation while that investigation is still ongoing, as this resolution seeks to do, is an abuse of the House’s institutional responsibilities. Such action would change the House’s rolefrom oversight to interference in a criminal investigation.” (Source: Democracy 21)

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