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We are ordinary citizens who live in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District and are concerned about our nation’s direction. Because laws sets direction, we decided to “stand watch” by tracking votes cast by our Congressman that conflict with progressive values, and then to alert our fellow citizens.

As a group, contributors to this website are not monolithic in their values. What we do share are the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence: That we are all created equal. That we are all endowed with certain inalienable rights. And that governments are instituted to secure these rights.

Accordingly, we value equality and the fair treatment of each individual in a diverse and inclusive society. We value the resulting freedoms for all to pursue opportunity and achieve prosperity. We value government that is accountable for protecting citizens’ rights and for promoting the general welfare. And we rely on government to pass laws that are consistent with fundamental American values.

We hope this website fosters citizen engagement, which is essential to a vital democracy. Participation in the process that is America is another of our values. Stand watch with us!

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